Sales Associate

Becoming a retail sales associate, you will finally understand how much trouble retail workers go through. You will also create a disliking for others for the rest of your life! Being a retail sales associate will help you a lot if you love people and clothes. The biggest perk of doing a job as an associate is that you will get big discounts on trendy fashion clothing. If you inspire to become a fashion designer yourself or be involved in something in the line of fashion, this job is one you should certainly pursue. You will definitely learn about the changing trends.

Waiting Tables

Contradictory to public demand, this profession is highly flexible for teenagers. Most teen aged kids opt for waitressing jobs in restaurants. It is a popular part time profession because it helps in managing the time with studies. Plus, the tips can add up to a lot each month. It is easy money. The biggest lesson you can learn is understanding the restaurant business which can be very helpful if you are interested in the food business.

The best part of this job is waiting tables for celebrities. You can chat with them (if they are up for it) and fun nights with your colleagues is a guarantee. Try and look for a restaurant that is popular and attracts a fun crowd, all the better to make your time good there.


If you are calm and collected even during a stressful time, this job is for you! Yours will be the first face that people see when they enter a restaurant or a hotel. The requirement is usually a friendly face and presentable attitude towards guests. Being a host is great, you will be representing the environment and the ambiance of the facility with your charm. The perks include discounts on food and other facilities of the place you will be working at and of course, big tips.

Ice Cream Scooper

If you love ice cream, this is as close to an ice cream bar as it gets – literally. Prepare to scoop ice creams for children and adults alike. The sore arm you will get during the training and even during your shift, will be worth it in the end. You get to eat all the ice cream you want!

Grocery Store Stocker

If you love organizing things, this job is for you! The task can be tedious, but fun too. Grocery store stocker literally is stocking the store with goods. Lines upon lines of products needs to be placed on display on shelves. Here, you will also learn to be quick and responsive. Some creativity will also be appreciated when it comes to putting up goods on display in a fun way. Additionally, you will also learn to bag groceries with convenient and swift actions like a pro! If you have Tetris skills, it’s a definite plus, but never a requirement.

Movie Theatre Usher & Cashier

If you are into movies, you can conveniently find a job as an usher or a cashier at a cinema near you. You can learn how to cinema works by working there part-time. You will be stacking, organizing and serving snacks and candies to the public. Imagine all the free popcorn! Whenever there are movie premiers, you get to meet all the celebrities too.

Teacher Assistant or Tutor

If you are good in a certain subject consider becoming a teacher’s assistant. This will help you with great recommendation letters when you apply for higher studies. The biggest perk is that your attention is never diverted from studies and you stay near school. If you are also good at explaining things in a better and easier way, you can never go wrong. Your own understanding becomes stronger of that particular skill or subject.


There are many options when it comes to drivers. You can choose to become a food delivery driver or even a valet parking attendant. You will need an authentic driver’s license and should be over 18 years old to qualify. Being a food delivery driver gets you lots of tips and big discounts on food. Although, you may have to speed up in order to feed the hungry quickly, but you yourself will never be on empty stomach. When it comes to valet parking attendant, all you need is good parking sense. Perks? Big tips and rides in great cars! If you love cars and are a reliable driver, this job is for you.

Part time jobs are a good way to find your way in the world. A stepping stone when it comes looking for your potential career. One of these jobs can lead you to finding your passion. The best way to learn about a business, is to become a part of it.

Many successful entrepreneurs today own billion dollar business and they started as a basic employee at the end of the hierarchy. You need to start at the bottom in order to reach the top. Having a job keeps you busy and a steady stream of income is comforting. You don’t have to be dependent on your parents for everything.

If you take your part-time job seriously, you can even save up for college and university. Being committed also helps in quickly climbing the stairs of success in the organization that you work at. Happy job hunting!

Alan Sanders | job Hunting